The European Training Foundation works with its 29 partner countries to improve vocational education and training (VET) policies, systems and outcomes. Progress, updates and results are tracked through the Torino Process – a participatory analytical review involving a wide range of stakeholders.


  • Acquire up-to-date knowledge about the policies and results
  • Strengthen the ownership, participation and evidence-based policy making
  • Assess efficiency of VET systems against economic and social challenges, and the political vision of VET

A vehicle for

  • Developing common visions, priorities and strategies for VET development
  •  Exploring options for implementation
  • Designing and evaluating home-grown and affordable policies, based on evidence, knowledge and collaboration
  • Regularly updating analysis and achievements
  • Providing opportunities for capacity development and policy learning
  • Empowering countries to better coordinate donor contributions

More information here.

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