Workshop Themes

Changing Skills for a Changing World has a double meaning. It is a description of skills changing in response to the global environment, innovation, disruption and challenges. It is also the action of bringing about change in skills development.

The past 20 years has seen a significant a focus on new skills, not only in digital technologies but across entire sectors and industries. Education and training systems must engage in changing skills to help learners and workers acquire the adaptability necessary in this rapidly changing world.

The work of the ETF and the Torino Process aims to support policymakers and VET systems to actively shape skills for the future.

The Torino Process is a participatory analytical review, reflected in the workshop sessions. Participatory – as input is central to the conference and the Torino Process.  Analytical – as we curate and investigate facts, figures, viewpoints and debate. Review as we reflect on what is learned from previous rounds, and look forward to the future!

Workshop A. How can VET policies become more forward looking while maintaining a balance between quick wins and long-term options?

Workshop B. How can VET policies deliver impactful results for citizens?

Workshop C. How can VET contribute to economic growth and competitiveness?

Workshop D. How can VET policies address social cohesion?

Workshop E. How can VET policies be more accountable and transparent?