Egypt engaged in VET reform


The Torino Process has helped identify weaknesses and strengths in Egypt’s vocational education system, highlighting the need for three key reforms, says Amr El Demerdash.

The director of research and development (technical education) from the Ministry of Education, says the VET curriculum must shift to a competence-based approach to meet the ‘real demands of the workplace.’

An upgrade of the national network of 1,200 technical schools is needed, as well as new profiles that better reflect labour market needs.

Work has already begun on the upgrades of 480 technical schools. National funding for a further 360 school upgrades has been set aside.

Wael Abouelenein, a training engineer at the Ministry of Manpower, says the programme – due to run through 2025 – is just the ‘first step’ in a raft of reforms underway, supported by the analytical and statistical tools of the Torino Process.

Mohamed Fikry Abel Shafei, from the Chamber of Chemical Industries, says the challenges include ‘fragmentation’ and reforming the legal framework for training, with opportunities centred on cooperation and partnership.

‘Fragmentation is a challenge, but by unifying the key players we can address the fragmentation in training provision that has produced the current national skills gap,’ Abel Shafei, who also chairs the Training and Technical Education Committee, says.

The Torino Process has also helped to drive the launch of a new online ‘Geoportal’ that allows users to access employment opportunities – from small family-run concerns to large corporations covering Egypt’s industries, including key sectors such as fertilisers, clothing and textiles, car-making and agriculture.

An example of good practice is the national € 9.3 million programme to provide quality training that meets labour market needs. Part of the National Strategic Plan 2014-30, the scheme currently involves 116 agricultural and tourism and hotel VET schools. Over the next 18 months the scheme will be extended to a further 435 schools.

Egypt will be sharing updates together with ETF partner countries at the upcoming Torino Process international conference, June 7-8, in Torino. We look forward to seeing you there!


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