Taking it to the regions: Tunisia



Tunisia has been involved in the Torino Process since its launch in 2010. In the latest round, Tunisia extended its approach helping to deliver a more comprehensive picture of vocational education and training (VET).

‘For the first three editions we implemented only at a national level; in this fourth round (2016-17) we worked also with three regions,’ says #ETFTRP national coordinator Fakher Zaibi, highlighting that the work of the regional councils is directly informing national and regional policy reforms.

The Torino Process is supporting many examples of best practice, including the decentralisation of VET – part of national decentralisation reforms. Entrepreneurial learning is being promoted through vocational education, which is encouraging more business startups. And better coordination of stakeholders at state and school level is bringing provision closer to labour market needs.

‘The Torino Process is a broad process involving many different partners; the better the cooperation between them, the better the process. And that process leads to action – for example, we’ve used the findings from the previous round in 2012 to structure a strategy for the reform of the VET system,’ Fakher Zaibi says.

 ‘Memory, process and action’ – this is how Fakher Zaibi sums up the Torino Process.

And looking forward?

TRP_social_ Tunisia

‘By doing this we can enlarge its scope and include other components of the system that target human capital development, not only VET but education in a broader sense.’


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