Taking ownership of the Torino Process


Tajikistan has long been involved in the Torino Process, but the 2016-17 round marks a turning point in ‘ownership’ as it produces its own country report for the first time.

In March 2016, the country’s prime minister founded a working group covering the Torino Process priority areas: overview and vision; labour market demand; the social sector; internal efficiency; and governance and policy.

Since then, working group members have been learning key lessons in how to analyse the state of VET in Tajikistan, according to Subhon Ashurov, an independent expert assisting the Ministry of Labour, Migration and Employment with the working groups.

‘This is the first time such work has been carried out by our experts in the ministry. It improves the potential of the work of the ministry, supports analysis and leads to concrete recommendations.’

‘Working ourselves on the Torino Process report allows us to take ownership of the results of this process.’

The process has enabled Tajikistan’s VET leaders to understand the need to work on professional standards and improve plans for implementing reforms in the VET system, Ashurov says. Continual professional development of VET staff is critical to this.

But the Torino Process is not just about recognising areas on which to improve, but also identifying best practice and Tajikistan has a clear example: adult education.

‘We have created a system of adult education that makes a strong contribution to the professional development of our labour resources; they do not have such a system in neighbouring countries.’

(Re-visit the ETF’s School Development project in Tajikistan on the ETF YouTube channel here.)

Tajikistan’s Deputy Minister of Labour Migration and Employment of Population, Abdusalom Mirzozoda, joins the ‘Responding to Challenges’ discussion during the Torino Process conference on June 8 @ 13:30. Check out the full agenda here.


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