Shifting Into Fifth Gear

Torino Process driving towards digitalised, flexible future …


As international delegates prepare to fly into Turin for the Changing Skills for a Changing World conference, ETF experts are already laying plans for the future.

The conference – which takes place in the ETF’s HQ city June 7 to 8 – brings together delegates from partner countries who will be celebrating their work on the country reports and at regional meetings of the 2016-2017 round.

They will also be looking forward to how they can contribute to more effective policy planning and action implementation in the future the next Torino Process round.

The Torino Process (TRP) is the ETF’s flagship evidence-based policy tool for evaluating and implementing systematic change in vocational education and training (VET) policies in its partner countries.

And it’s due to undergo a shift in gear during the next round, says Manuela Prina, the ETF’s strategic project leader who has been guiding #ETFTRP events and will be steering the two-day conference.

‘Round five of TRP will witness a digital revolution!’ she says.

As a step towards creating a more flexible, collaborative and partnership approach to leadership in VET policy reform with an emphasis on implementation, the ETF has launched a new online tool that enables users to swiftly scroll through 3,000 pages of documentation drawn from country reports.


‘Users can browse content through the lens of their interests and extract from the reports what they need or are interested in,’ she says.

The ETF hopes that this tool will help encourage greater digitalisation of the TRP during the fifth round.

‘We would like this first step to inspire and support our country stakeholders to move themselves towards the digital evidence gathering. This will reduce and rationalise the workload of the evidence collection exercises, freeing up time to use these exercises for monitoring and decision making,’ she adds.

The conference will adopt a more innovative structure designed to begin preparing delegates for the shape for round 5 of the Torino Process.

Check out the full programme here

Stakeholders around the world who can’t make it to Turin, can join in online! Plenary sessions will be broadcast live around the world in English, French and Russian! A series of Facebook Live interviews will introduce some of the ‘faces’ of the Torino Process.

There will be a special Innovation in VET online-only session in Russian. And the ETf team will be taking questions and comments from the online audience throughout event on Slido and Twitter @etfeuropa #ETFTRP!

Check out the online programme here!





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