Vesna Puratic, experte confirmée en matière d’EFP auprès du ministère fédéral des affaires civiles, et Slavica Kupresanin, conseillère auprès du ministère de l’éducation de la République serbe de Bosnie, une partie du système fédéré du pays qui occupe 49 % de son territoire et accueille environ un tiers de sa population de 3,8 millions de personnes, reflètent la … More BOSNIE-HERZÉGOVINE

Torino Process: Making skills and VET more relevant

Conclusions of the #ETFTRP 2017 conference. In efforts to boost economic and social development, European Training Foundation (ETF) partner countries have been making progress in vocational education and training (VET) policy formulation and modernising institutional infrastructure. This is demonstrated in the 2016-17 round of the Torino Process – the findings of which helped to frame … More Torino Process: Making skills and VET more relevant

All the best bits from #ETFTRP 2017 on Storify!

Exactly one month ago, we welcomed 300+ stakeholders from 28 partner countries, Europe and beyond to Turin. Tens of thousands more tuned in online for the two-day action-packed programme.  From the young innovators in the Ideas Market to Commissioner Marianne Thyssen’s keynote speech and a singing deputy prime minister, we have captured all the highlights … More All the best bits from #ETFTRP 2017 on Storify!

Torino Process and the Power of Lifelong Learning

Today, advanced countries inhabit a post-industrial world in which people frequently change jobs, have greater social and geographical mobility, have access to unprecedented technological power in their pockets, and are simultaneously producers and consumers of a global news and information cycle measured in minutes. Lifelong learning is a vital response to the impact of automation, … More Torino Process and the Power of Lifelong Learning

Lebanon: Forward looking through the Torino Process

The picture of vocational education and training (VET) in Lebanon has become much clearer thanks to the Torino Process. That’s because there are ‘more analytical factors taken into account’ says Torino Process coordinator, Georges Kalouche, an advisor at the Ministry of Education and Higher Education in Beirut. In Lebanon, the Torino Process is coordinated by … More Lebanon: Forward looking through the Torino Process


Координатор Туринского процесса Георгис Калуш работает советником Министерства образования и высшего образования в Бейруте. В Ливане Туринский процесс координируется этим министерством с участием государственных и частных заинтересованных сторон из сферы ПОО. По его мнению, благодаря Туринскому процессу понимание ПОО в Ливане значительно улучшилось: сейчас «учитывается больше аналитических факторов», чем прежде. По его словам, преимущество процесса … More ЛИВАН


Coordinateur national du processus de Turin, Georges Kalouche est conseiller au ministère de l’éducation et de l’enseignement supérieur à Beyrouth. Au Liban, le processus de Turin est coordonné par le ministère avec la participation de parties prenantes publiques et privées de l’EFP. «Grâce au processus de Turin, la perception de l’EFP s’est éclaircie au Liban», … More LIBAN