#EUVocational skills week returns

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The second instalment of #EUVocationalSkills Week is about to kick-off and European Training Foundation (ETF) partner countries are encouraged to get on board!

The latest round of the Torino Process round highlights the vast array of developments in vocational education and training (VET) taking place in ETF partner countries bordering Europe.

To further promote this work, ETF partner countries are invited to join the #EUVocational Skills Week campaign by hosting their own event at a local, regional or national level.

Running from September through to December, hundreds of events and activities will be taking place around Europe and beyond. Events and activities can include open days, company and classroom site visits, conferences, social media campaigns or even articles on initial and continuing vocational training.

Collectively, the European Commission campaign is helping to raise awareness of VET, with a special focus on the role of work-based learning, including apprenticeship, professional mobility between countries or sectors, innovation and competitiveness.

Who can get involved?

VET stakeholders: learners, parents, companies, business organisations, social partners, education and training providers, adult learning organisations, chambers and other professional organisations, researchers, career counsellors, public authorities, and society at large, are all invited to get involved.

Interactive activity map

The European Commission webpage includes an interactive map featuring events from across Europe and candidate countries: Albania, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Turkey. Activities organised in these countries can be registered directly through the webpage.

Stakeholders in other ETF partner countries are also encouraged to host events and activities and can do so in cooperation with the ETF.

Next steps …

Join or organise an event or activity, promote the positive message and join the conversation on social media! #EUVocationalSkills @etfeuropa

Join #EUVocationalSkills Week in Brussels

As previously reported on the blog: Torino Process Entrepreneurship Award –  the winer of the Entrepreneurship Key Competence Award will be presented at European Vocational Skills Week in Brussels (November 20 to 24). Entries close September 20.

Click here for more information.

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