Torino Process helping to drive Kazakhstan’s future


Vocational education and training is the basic element of Kazakhstan’s economic modernization, says Rakhiya Turmakhanbetova, Head of the Education Department of the Akimat of Zhambyl region.

That’s because the quality and competitiveness of domestic goods depends on professional competence of the workforce, she says in an interview with the Zhambyl regional newspaper.

The region to the south of the Central Asian country was part of the latest round of the Torino Process – the participatory analytical review of VET systems in partner countries.

‘This has given us an objective picture of the effectiveness of the regional system of technical and vocational education, its strengths and weaknesses, risks and opportunities for training skilled workers,’ Rakhiya Turmakhanbetova says.

In her wide-ranging interview on the country’s education system, Rakhiya Turmakhanbetova, says developments in VET – staffing, curriculum and modernization  – are complimenting key sectors in the region: chemical, agrarian, logistic, construction and technical. There is also a focus on developing industries: hotel, tourism and weaving.

Read the full interview by Ergali Nurgaliev. Published August 19, 2017

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