Moving towards the ‘win-win’ with work-based learning

Combining in-company apprenticeship and training with vocational education is a win-win. Businesses gain workers equipped with the skills they need, while learners experience a smoother transition into the world of work. Developing a system of work-based learning and dual vocational education is a priority for ETF partner country the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. The … More Moving towards the ‘win-win’ with work-based learning

Torino Process helping to drive Kazakhstan’s future

Vocational education and training is the basic element of Kazakhstan’s economic modernization, says Rakhiya Turmakhanbetova, Head of the Education Department of the Akimat of Zhambyl region. That’s because the quality and competitiveness of domestic goods depends on professional competence of the workforce, she says in an interview with the Zhambyl regional newspaper. The region to the … More Torino Process helping to drive Kazakhstan’s future

Optimising value in VET

Three key players in Belarus have been gathering and analysing evidence for the latest Torino Process round: the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Labour and Ministry of Economics. Each ministry is responsible for different aspects of VET reform – education for process and standards; labour for the development of a national qualifications framework; and economics … More Optimising value in VET