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Promoting entrepreneurial spirit equips learners with the mindset, competences and skills to build competitive economies. When it comes to entrepreneurial learning throughout the education system, Montenegro is a regional leader.

Montenegro map

The national entrepreneurial learning team won a Gold Medal the 2016 Euroskills finals. ‘This is very important for us,’ says Marko Vukasinovic from the Ministry of Education, ‘it recognises the work of a huge number of people over a very long time.’

Marko Vukasinovic, head of the Department for International Cooperation and European Integration, has been involved in vocational education reforms over recent years. In addition to entrepreneurial learning,  Montenegro has been making big strides in its work-based learning policy – with a focus on broadening apprenticeships and creating opportunities in small and micro businesses – in tourism, agriculture and construction – and has also fully referenced its national qualifications against those of the EU.

The Torino Process has been ‘like a mirror,’ Marko says, enabling policy experts to reflect on what is needed in an economy with ‘no support mechanisms to find job placements’ for dual education. Montenegro is starting from scratch – identifying key people to take charge of apprentices in companies in tourism, agriculture, services and construction that are often little more than family businesses.

Other recent developments include a new list of learning outcomes and the introduction of a Teacher Training Strategy 2017-24. The national quality framework has been fully referenced against EU standards.

The central role of vocational education, at the crossroads of education, employment, business and social inclusion, touches upon many of the EU accession ‘markers’. Marko says he is ‘very lucky’ to be part of the action. ’In order to impact policy we have to involve a lot of people that are not only under the ministry of education.’

‘The ETF is a reliable partner and a critical friend,’ he adds, ‘We really appreciate that. They are always there to hear us, go straight to the point and support us in what we need most.’

Re-visit Montengro’s Entrepreneurial Community on the @etfeuropa YouTube Channel below:


And access the Local Skills Matter publication, featuring all 10 ETF Entrepreneurial Communities, below:


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